How to change size of node from smaller in Palette to normal in Diagram

From an answer on stackoverflow to the question of “How can I increase the node size on dragging…”:

An alternative to really change the size (in document coordinates) is to implement an “ExternalObjectsDropped” DiagramEvent listener than runs through the e.subject, which will be a GoJS collection, to actually modify the size of each Node.

I do not want to use the approach of a smaller initial scale in the palette and a normal scale (1) in the diagram

Is there an example of how to have a smaller node size in the Palette, and then converting the node size to normal (1) when dropping the node from the Palette to the Diagram? I guess the real question is: how do you start off with a smaller node size for the graph objects in the Palette?

OK, to be clear here, you do not want to set Palette.initialScale to 0.8 or anything like that.

That means you need to use different node template(s) in the Palette that are sized the way you want them to be. GoJS Palette -- Northwoods Software