How to change the cursor of dragging node with Treeview?

I want to change the cursor of node which is being dragged by user to move from default.
Can you share example or approach on how to do this?
Thanks !

Override DraggingTool.doActivate to set Diagram.currentCursor. In Diagram initialization:

    "draggingTool.doActivate": function() {;
        this.diagram.currentCursor = "move";

Thanks for the answer.
When i tried this, the cursor did change to move. But only after the dragging had been stopped. I was looking to have changed cursor while user is dragging node

If the DraggingTool is setting the cursor because a drop is not allowed, then it sounds as if you need to set the cursor more frequently by overriding DraggingTool.doMouseMove. Call the super method first. You don’t need to override the doActivate method.