How to check link from port to another port class


I have problem is checking the port

I have 3 class GoGeneralNode (ClassA , ClassB and ClassC)

ClassA and ClassB only have 1 output port where ClassC have 2inputPort and 1Output


The objective to check link is connected accordingly and give bool to the choice.
Here is my code:

public virtual void Method1(double v)
ClassA scr = this.FromNode as ClassA ;
ClassC dst = this.ToNode as ClassC;

      if (scr != null && dst != null)
          if (<font color="#ff0000"><b>dst.GetLeftPort(0).IsLinked(this.FromPort)</b></font>) <-- i dont have any idea how to make the condition
              dst.Input1 = v;
              dst.Input2 = v;
          Console.Write("Constant1ToComperatorInput1 :" + v + "\n");


I think what you want is to test if Link.ToPort == dst.GetLeftPort(0).

Sorry for the delay. Kind of a big day here in the USA.

Cool…Thank you so much…it Work