How to combine multiple tree in one canvas

I have a graph presented below:

The center node is the root for 4 trees, the left tree, the right tree, the bottom node and the top tree.

Multiple-tree combination

if I treat this as a multiple tree combination problem, I have something to solve:

First, can GoJs support render different trees with one same root node? and how?

Second, if I view this graph as ONE tree, can TreeLayout customize the node location in four different directions?(laugh in my head, because it sounds ridiculous)

Or treat it as a double-tree

if I treat it as a double-tree problem like this:

Can I use the TreeLayout to make the top-tree as a normal-tree view and customize the bottom-tree node to the left or the right?

At last, if all above can’t work, is there any suggestion about how to make it work? Any thoughts?

I am almost out of my mind, any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Double tree layout is already defined as an extension:

It’s implemented at: or at: or at:

It’s demonstrated at:

An alternative strategy would be to put those subtrees into Groups that had no visual rendering – just a Placeholder. Then you can set or bind the Group.layout to what you want separately for each of the four sides.

Problem solved! Thank u very much!