How to confirm node's event type by parameters

I have some event functions on node, for example, mouseEnter, mouseLeave, click, doubleClick and so on. When one of them is fired, if there is a way to let me know which event is fired by event parameters.

I have seen details of the InputEvent, but i still could not confirm which node’s event is fired by InputEvent clearly. Is there a list to check this?

There might be a way of distinguishing them in some cases, but not in general. They take different arguments.

Why would that be desirable when the purposes of those events are so different from each other? No one function would sensibly be useful in all possible contexts. And if you really wanted to do so anyway, it is trivial to have each event handler call a shared function.

Well, forgive my weird question.

Actually, i have some functions need to be executed orderly when a node event is fired, and they exist by condtions, so i want to bind them to node event dynamically. Feels like addEventListener in JavaScript. I think i’m nearly now :-D.

Anyway, thanks for your reply.