How to control the Z order of nodes

I having problem with the Z order of nodes placed on default layer.
When the GOXam is loaded all the z order of nodes in a group are shown correct Smile.

But when I take the group out of screen & modify the node location of some other group,
take this group back node order is modified Ouch.

When ever a group is selected we are taking a group & it’s nodes to foreground Layer & when is unselected we are taking it to default layer.

My first guess is some kind of UI virualization which might be enabled by GoXam, but couldn’t find any thing on this Confused.

Few constarins we have are

  • We can’t use any other NodeLayers like Foreground/Background/Adonment/Tool , as all of them are used for different purpose in our CustomeControl. So soultion should be with default node layer.
  • We are using ver

Also is there any why to data drive the Z Order within the smae node layer. Means we have a property called ZOrder in out NodeDataModel which should decide the Z order of nodes placed on deafult NodeLayer

Expecting a quick reply (it’s a blocking issue for our relese Cry)

You can certainly set the go:Node.ZOrder for all of the Nodes and Groups that are in the default NodeLayer. I do not understand your paragraph about ZOrder.

Hi Walter,
I am not getting any attached property name ZOrder on Node (I am using ver
Also by data driving ZOrder I mean Let say we have a Model
public class MTDNode : GraphModelNodeData<Guid>


Public int ZOrder {get;set;} }

Can I bind it to any property in Node to control the Node’s ZOrder in default node Layer?
I guess that is go:Node.ZOrder , but in my version it’s not available. Can you propose any other solution?

Even if I won’t able to control the ZOrder it’s fine for me but GoXam is reversing the intial order of nodes in default layer if the nodes are moved out of screen & then brought back.

Can we stop this behavior?

Current behavior is when ever a user select a Group , all the nodes of the group along with group node are brought to “Foreground Layer” & when user unselect it we brought the group nodes to default node layer.

I guess that Node.ZOrder property was new in version 1.3. The property is of type Double; the default value is NaN, meaning “don’t care”.

Only in that version is there (optional) support for maintaining the relative z-order of Nodes within a NodeLayer.