How to convert this diagram to add new object on runtime?

I am new to gojs. I want this diagram to able to add new record objects like in screenshot. Every record object must be able to increase or decrease fields. Every object should be draggable independently. Please help.


I’m assuming you started your development with the code in the Record Mapper sample, Record Mapper.

This is basically accomplished within a transaction by making one or more calls to Model.addNodeData, Model | GoJS API.

This is basically accomplished by making one or more calls to Model.addArrayItem, Model.insertArrayItem, or Model.removeArrayItem. Again all modifications must be done within a single transaction.

To allow the user to move nodes, remove the movable: false setting in the node template.

But since you are new to GoJS, if you haven’t already read the following relevant pages, I highly recommend that you do so, probably in this order:

Thanks you @walter for your reply. I will follow are the instructions. You made things easy.

Thanks alot once again.