How to: Custom Link Connector to other Links!

How can I make a link connect to a group of other links as illustrated below, thanks very much!

The general idea would be to create a Node there, consisting of an Ellipse, with which that dashed-line Link would connect. One possibility is for each Link to have a Label Node. Another possibility is for that Ellipse Node to be independent of those two Links.

So the question is: what should happen when those two solid Links get re-routed? What should happen when one or both of them are deleted? How many other such “gatherings” of Links might there be involving one or more of the same Links?

thanks for the quick reply!

can I position the ellipse node manually post a auto layout? - I wish to use auto layout.

also please note that the ellipse node is only connected to the right node via the 2S link. the other two links connect 01-JB-001 and TS-1.

I think I will need to manually size & position the ellipse / grouping node to cover 1 or more such links. please advise, thanks!

Set the LayoutId=“None” on those elliptical “gathering” nodes, to prevent your layout from treating them as normal nodes.

And override your layout’s LayoutNodes method to call the base method first and then position all of those “gathering” nodes the way that you want.