How to customize a node?


We want that the admin can add (or remove) some users to each node using an auto-complete textbox. The FlowChart sample respond to our needs but I don’t know how can I customized it to do that what we want.

Any ideas or example would be helpful.

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Well, if you wanted the user to do a free-form edit-in-place, you could just set the attached attribute go:Part.TextEditable=“True” on the particular element.

If you want it to use your own controls to be smarter about what and how the user could edit the text, you can do so. You can define the DataTemplate for your nodes to be arbitrarily complicated XAML. You can even define your own UserControls in Visual Studio or Blend and use them in your node DataTemplate.

In other words, your customization really isn’t limited by GoXam at all.