How to develop this kind of straight lines

Actually below one is my requirement.I 'm not able to develop this kind straight lines.Belowdiagram is i have developed,but i am not able do this kind of straight lines.How to develop links as straight lines…pls help me if anyone knowa

GoPort.EndSegmentLength determines how long the first stroke from/to the port is. (see also GetFromEndSegmentLength & GetToEndSegmentLength)

It looks like you want it to be 0 (zero) for the ports on the sides of your nodes with rounded corners.

And to be equal to about half the width of the node for those bars that stick out of the top of the nodes with the square corners.

Hi jake,
The top of diagram is my requirement .i have developed the below diagram.But i am not able to make straight lines from Blue color(rounded rectangle) to all control nodes( white color) .pls help me

I thought I did. Ports have a property called “EndSegmentLength”. When a link is drawn from a port, the first segment of the link is “EndSegmentLength” long, typically at a 90 degree angle (either flat or vertical).

For the ports on your nodes with the rounded corners, it looks like you want EndSegmentLength to be zero. That will make the link leave the port directly without the horizontal or vertical segment.

On your second type of node… the square corners with the gradient-filled bump on top… you want to make EndSegmentLength longer so that the link extends past the edge of the node.

Iam not able to how to use goport.Endsegmentlength.You got straight lines from blue color node(rounded rectangle) to white color node.It is urgent requiremnt for me,pls kindly send that code.

pls give me guidence how to use endsegmentlength and getendsegmentlengh.