How to draw a graph with less overlappings

We are drawing a graph in our application,
The graph can have any number of nodes and cycles, and the links are directed links.
Here self connections are not allowed, and only one connection (incoming or outgoing) is allowed between any two nodes.

While exploring the GoJs, we found ForceDirectedLayout suits our requirement. and our output is similar to
Its drawing properly with less nodes, and less cycles. But once the diagram contains more nodes and more cycles, its resulting in some line overlappings.
We tried defaultSpringLength, defaultElectricalCharge, defaultSpringLength settings with some values, but no drastic improvement.
can you please tell us, How can we configure the layout so that the look of the graph can be improved.

I’m sorry, but those three properties belong to ForceDirectedLayout, not LayeredDigraphLayout.

Can you provide an annotated screenshot for what you are getting and what you would like?

Im sorry, it was by mistake,
Actually we were using ForceDirectedLayout only.
We want it like ConceptMap example, But when you have more nodes some overlappings/line zig zag is observed.
(In the example also it can be observed), We want our diagram to be more clear and readable.
Though It looks good with the default layout and settings, we just want to know, is there any configuration can be added to the layout, so the diagram can look much better.

So the positions of the nodes that you are getting with your layout are OK, but some of the links are crossing over nodes? Yes, that is the expected behavior, as you may have seen with the Concept Map sample.

We have on our todo list a feature that would address this issue, but we have not yet had time to implement it.

Since you mentioned LayeredDigraphLayout, is the routing that you see in the Beat Paths sample,, what you would like to see when using ForceDirectedLayout?