How to draw two links with different name from a node?

i have a node as below

from which i can draw a link with name “Yes”. but when i draw one more link from the same node again will get the link with name “Yes” itself like below
. But when i draw more than one link from “if-else” i want the 2nd link to have name “No” automatically like below.
. please help me in this.

It’s probably easiest to implement a “LinkDrawn” DiagramEvent listener. The e.subject will be the new Link, so e.subject.fromNode will be the “from” or “source” Node. Let’s assume: var fromNode = e.subject.fromNode.

You can then either count the number of Links coming out of that node, fromNode.findLinksOutOf().count, or look at all of the labels on all of those Links, to decide how to set the label of the new Link.

Thank you for the solution…:)