How to dynamic set the diagram width and height

rather then do this or in conjuction with


How can dynamically reset the height and width and resize

I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you mean.

You can dynamically resize an object by setting resizable: true and resizeObjectName: 'someName' in the node template.

For example:

The initial canvas size is set to 400 by 500. I have a resize listen on the web page, and would now like to pragmatically make the diagram bigger for example an API like

myDiagram.setSize (600, 800)

You have to change the diagram div css. In most samples you’d write:

  var div = myDiagram.div; = '200px';
  myDiagram.requestUpdate(); // Needed!


Most excellent thank you, I am going through an evaluation phase and really appreciate the quick response.