How to Find Mouse X and Y positions when i Zoom


I am using GoDiagram Grid.

When the mouse moves I am using GOView.MousePosition to find the co-ordinates of each grid and showing on the screen.

They are correct when zoom is 100%.

When i zoom in or zoom out I want show each Grid point to be same.

Mouse position i am getting position on the screen.

How can i get real value from GOView to be same when i zoom or not zoom to be same?

Looking forward for your suggestions.



MousePosition is a .NET Control property, not terribly useful inside Go.

You should be looking for a GoInputEventArgs input to your events or overrides.

search the samples for ViewPoint and DocPoint.

Hi Jake! I’m having the same problem too. Can you please give me an example how can i solve this problem?


Are you using GoDiagram or GoXam?

I’m using Goxam!

I’m using Goxam! Sorry Jake, i didn’t have seen that. I will put the question in Goxam forum. Thanks!