How to find the parent node?

I have a text block inside a sticky note, when user clicks on text block, he/she will be able to edit the text. I need to find a way to select the sticky note once the text block is clicked.

If you have set or bound TextBlock.editable to true, the default behavior is that the user clicks on the text twice to start editing it.

The first click selects the node. The second click actually starts the TextEditingTool. So a double-click would produce that behavior too.

I’m wondering what your setup is so that the Node or Part holding that TextBlock does not get selected when the user tries to do in-place editing of that text.

This property, TextEditingTool | GoJS API, controls what behavior is needed to start that tool. So I suppose you could have set that property to go.TextEditingTool.SingleClick or go.TextEditingTool.DoubleClick in order to be able to start editing without selecting the Part.