How to generate a forest, supposing I hava some root-nodes?

Hi, how to data-binding or what can I do in the model or Treelayout if I want to generate a forest?
I can get the root nodes and their children of course, just dont know how they can be displayed.
Thank you!

TreeLayout does that automatically. Try it.

You can also set GoXam for WPF 2.2.4 to control how the trees are arranged relative to each other.

Thank you, walter.
Here is another question, If I have two trees, the roots have some same children. For example, A and F are roots of two trees. A has 3 children B, C, D. and F has 4 children B, C , E. Can the two trees be displayed normally, since the B,and C has different parents?
I 'd like the forest to be shown like this

You could just implement them as duplicate Nodes. WPF does not allow a Framework element to be in multiple places at the same time.