How to Generate Runtime License?

This seems like a real dumb question, and I’m somewhat annoyed that I’ve got to ask it. The words “install”, “deploy”, “distribut” and “license” do not even appear in the “GoDiagram for .NET” User Guide.
I’ve purchased a license for Windows Pro, and we can run on developers PC’s just fine, so long as they run the GoDiagram252.msi first. I’m concerned about deployment to customer PC’s.
I searched this forum for “license” and “deploy”, only to find more advanced questions, with answers that assume folks already know the basics.
None of the other 3rdparty tools we include in our build require this form of licensing at all, so I’m ignorant about the basic procedure.
We’re using VisualStudio2005 professional for development.
My basic question is this - what is the procedure that I should follow in order to deploy GoDiagram.NET to customer PC’s and allow it to run without licensing issues? (without them having to install the GoDiagram.msi) Also, is there some documentation somewhere that describes this in detail?
As a side note – I’d recommend that you add some reference to this topic inside your user guides (either add instructions, or tell new users where to go to find out more). It was a bit disappointing not to find anything there related to this topic.
And, I apologize for my “licensing” ignorance. Perhaps this is something that I should already know about.

Sorry about that. The User Guide is a generic document, covering GoDiagram editions for all three platforms (WinForms, WebForms, Pocket).
Licensing and deployment issues (and other platform specific information) are discussed in GoWinIntro.doc, GoWebIntro.doc, or GoPocketIntro.doc, respectively.
I suppose we ought to include in the User Guide a pointer to where the information is, as we did in the FAQ.
For full-trust Windows Forms EXEs, if you drag-and-drop a GoView into the designer for one of your Forms, you shouldn’t need to do anything else. Visual Studio will automatically compile a license key into your EXE.

Doh, didn’t see the GoWinIntro.doc. I see it there. We have GoView’s put into our main AppForm, and yet when our marketing rep was trying to update for a demo, it gave an error until he installed the GoDiagram.msi. Now it works fine.
We’ll do some more testing on a fresh test PC, to see if we can provide more details about the issue, or maybe it doesn’t even exist for us anymore.
Thank you for the lightening quick response.