How to get links between inner nodes of groups

i m working on a diagram where i need to get all the links that are between two groups but of inner nodes for refrence consider the diagram

the links are actually between actor_id of both and same for test is there a way to access them from groups that contain those node for example i have key of both group now i want links between inner nodes of both

In your screenshot I am assuming that “SubjectAreaGroup” is a Group that contains two Groups, each named “actoractor1” and each containing two separate Nodes named “actor_1” and “test”.

First, those two Links will be in the Group.memberParts collection of the “SubjectAreaGroup” Group. The Link.containingGroup of each Link will be that Group.

Second, those two Links will be in the Group.findExternalLinksConnected collection of either nested Group. Group | GoJS API

Third, those Links could be found by iterating over the Group.memberParts of either nested Group and for each Node that you find by then iterating over their Node.linksConnected collections. This is basically what Group | GoJS API does by filtering out Links that are internal to the Group.

so i need to use findexternallinks connected then iterate over it to find the specific links to the other group by checking the of each link

You will need to check both the Link.fromNode and Link.toNode to see whether they are contained in a particular Group. You might want to call Part | GoJS API