How to get node html element?

I am working on a feature which will show a auto complete dropdown list when typing the node name. I need a way to get the generated dom element of each node so that I can bind my autocomplete control on it. Is that supported? Thanks in advance. Otherwise, any suggestion to bind other html control on textblock?


Could you be more specific about what you want to do? What have you tried so far?

Note there is no HTML DOM element for each Node or Link.

I am trying to use something like jqueryui auto complete Autocomplete | jQuery UI

Here is how it looks like in html table cell now. We would like to bring it to node textblock part as well. While naming a node, a trigger will reveal a list of texts. For example, trigger in the example below is “[”.

Isn’t that just a matter of supplying a number of strings that are somehow associated with the node data? What is the problem that you are having? You know how to iterate over the Model.nodeDataArray, get a string for each, and save them in a Map, making sure they are all unique and associating each string with the corresponding data object.

Yes, the strings are associate with the node data. But how to bind the auto complete control (dropdown list) to the node itself in UI? I need to go to the list and select one option, though options are from my node data.

Yellow is GoJS node and blue is the auto complete list, which is a jquery ui control and needs to bind to an element

I’m not familiar with that jQuery UI control, so I’m sorry, but I cannot help you.

As far as GoJS is concerned, have you read about TextEditingTool and HTMLInfo, and the various text editor customizations in samples and extensions?

Not yet. I will have a look. That is a good hint.