How to get the text of node


I’m using GoBasicNode and GoLink.

I 'd like to get the text of two nodes after “LinkCreated” event handler. So I did that as following, but this object returns the text of all nodes.
string str = this.empty;

foreach (GoBasicNode j in goView1.Document)
if (j != null)
str = j.Text + “:” + str;

  this.goView1.LinkCreated += new  Northwoods.Go.GoSelectionEventHandler(this.goView1_LinkCreat ed);
private void goView1_LinkCreated(object sender, Northwoods.Go.GoSelectionEventArgs e) {<BR>      GoLink link = e.GoObject as GoLink;<BR>      if (link != null) {<BR>        GoNode src = link.FromNode as GoNode;<BR>        GoNode dst = link.ToNode as GoNode;<BR>        MessageBox.Show("created link from " + src.Text + " to " + dst.Text);<BR>      }<BR>    }<BR>

Mille fois merci Walter!!!