How to handle Node size change correctly?

We had older Node size lets say 100x100 & Link with Points persisted in the database.
Now we have changed Node size to 70x70. Since link has Points captured in it, it doesn’t stick to the Node.

In the following image if you see there is a gap visible between node & link (have highlighted by red hand drawn arrows). We are trying to eliminate that gap and want to connect link with the Node.

How can we solve this programmatically?

What is your link template? (Just the Link properties – I don’t care about the labels.)

I was thinking that you could temporarily (or permanently?) set Link.adjusting to End and then call Link.invalidateRoute on each Link.

We can’t do invalidateRoute. Our users may have set the route explicitly the way they want to keep it. Doing Link.invalidateRoute will re-draw the entire link again, and previous Points information will be lost.

We want to persist points & only extend the link to the Node.

That’s why I recommend that you set Link.adjusting to go.Link.End.

Thanks walter, it worked!