How to have DimensioningLink on DragCreating tool and polygondrawing tool?

I intend to combine three examples,

Drag Creating Tool
Polygon Drawing Tool

to have link dimensions of type “Gamma” from Using Dimensioning Links

Also how can each edge of PolygonDrawing tool have its own dimension?

When do you want to show dimensions? Look at the difference between these two samples:
Drag Creating Tool Showing Dimensions In Selection Adornment
Drag Creating Tool Always Showing Dimensions

The DragCreatingTool and PolygonDrawingTool are quite different from each other, so I don’t see how you can combine them into one tool. The former is just a mouse-down-move-up and you get the completed Part. The latter requires clicking some variable number of times, and supports discarding the last click.

Thanks a lot Walter!