How to hide partial node


Screenshot 2021-02-13 204312

Need to hide the highlighted part alone, tried with Layers but it hides entire node , I need to hide partial part of the node, any suggestions or example. Thanks in advance

P.S: this is not a placeholder , we are maintaining a custom shape as placeholder and using our extended layout

Is that “Loop” a Group? Is it a member of the “Sequence” Group? How is the software supposed to know that you want to clip it and how you want it clipped?

Why not just make it narrower?

Loop is Group and it is a member of sequence, I can give rect of node where we want to clip

If the Group template is not of type “Spot”, try setting isClipping to true on it. This is experimental and not currently supported.

Group template is of type “Spot”,

You could change your group template.

I tried with ‘auto’ but it hides entire node

It is hard for me to guess what you mean. What hides which node?

sequence have to hide partial right side part of loop
let say I can give a go.Rect bound of loop which has to be hide

It seems to work for me, but it does not correctly clip members of nested Groups. Well, I did say it was experimental.

So at this moment we do not have a good solution for you.

alternatively is there any ways to crop a part,node,link

Wait until the next release, 2.1.36, which might be in a couple weeks or so.

okay thanks 👍