How to implement Page concept in GoView

By default, the whole area inside GoView can be put GoObjects on.

But we need define a fixed area, like a A4 page in the middle of GoView, with remaining area in a different color(like Visio). GoObjects can only be put side that area, moving will stop at the edge.
It seems there is no a guick way to do this, like assigning Size and Margins property on the GoView (or GoDocument).
One solution may be adding a White Rectangle node in the document for a Page, and trying to manage resizing, reshaping, scaling, moving, etc so that the page always stay in the middle of GoView and other GoObjects can only be put in the boundary of this White Rectangle node.
Can someone suggest a guick solution for this? I don't believe GoDiagram can not support this by default.

Look for a section in the User Guide with the title “Sheets” (under Views and Tools -> Display")

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