How to implement palette click event

How to implement double click event on object present inside palette. Is there any sample for that ?
Thanks in advance

Also, please read GoJS Events -- Northwoods Software

I tried adding double click function for planogram sample palette but alert comes when i click on background of palette. I need to implement double click functionality for object inside palette

myPaletteSmall =
$(go.Palette, “myPaletteSmall”,
{ // share the templates with the main Diagram
nodeTemplate: myDiagram.nodeTemplate,
groupTemplate: myDiagram.groupTemplate,
layout: $(go.GridLayout),
alert(“hello world”);

Diagram.doubleClick only happens when the user clicks on the Diagram, i.e., in the background and not on an GraphObject.

Since you said you wanted to get double click events on your Nodes, you can either implement an “ObjectDoubleClicked” DiagramEvent listener or a GraphObject.doubleClick event handler. The latter is probably easier for your case.

The Introduction page has an example of a event handler on a Node: GoJS Events -- Northwoods Software