How to include two custom context menus

Im using html content menu but I want to show different menu on click on blue color area. How to add another custom menu?

Are you using 1.6 or the 1.7 beta?

In the 1.7 Beta this is fairly easy, just specify a different HTMLInfo for the contextMenu of that part of the template. Every GraphObject or Panel in the node template can have its own, different context menu.

If you are not using 1.7 Beta and want to use this method, see:

In 1.6 this is a little different, because the code to do custom context menus means that all the objects with a context menu will run the same code. In the method:

cxTool.showContextMenu = function(contextmenu, obj) {

You have to look at obj to find out what you clicked on. This will only work if you define a contextMenu on each object you need to know about. So you must put this on the Node:

contextMenu: $(go.Adornment)

But also on the TextBlock or Panel that makes the top blue part. Otherwise obj will always be the Node.

Hi! I have the same problem.
I’m wondering if there’s any sample to specify. That would be helpful to me.
Thanks for your attention.