How to integrate Gojs app with .net web application

I have developed one GoJs app for our product , now I have to integrate GoJs and our .Net app.
Can you give me steps of integration or setting for integration.

Our product is work on localhost(IIS) , but when I try to integrate Gojs app in using localhost its showing blank Views and empty diagram is generated.

And when you debug that, what messages do you see in the browser console?
You should attempt to fix all of those messages.

When I run that application separately then its not give me any error.

But when I integrate and try to access through the url , then in debug I get an issue in function

In this loadjson() function return null value from jQuery , but which should return data in linkdata and nodedata array .

1)In Internet Exporer get following error:
Error: SignalR: Connection must be started before data can be sent. Call .start() before .send()

2)In Google Chrome following error:
Failed to load resource : the server responded with status of 404 (Not found)
Its unable to found the .json file , but have .json file at that location whose name we pass in getJSON call

OK, it seems as if you haven’t even come close to the GoJS code. Tell us if you actually encounter any problems with GoJS.