How to limit the min size of selection adornmet?

I want to limit the minimum size of the selection adornmet.
I have this:

 var selectionAdTpl = $(go.Adornment, "Auto",
	 { minSize: new go.Size(100, 30) },

And the node :
$(go.Node, “Auto”, {
resizable: true,
minSize: new go.Size(100, 30),

The selection adornment dosn’t stop at the specified size.

Can you give me a picture of what you’re trying to do and what you have so far? You can use Codepen to show an example if that’s easier.

This is the example:

When you resize the box, the content doesn’t fill Vertically the adornment.

If you can solve it I will appreciate it alot!

What part of it are you expecting to stretch?

Here, I’ve put a red background on the vertical panel:

You are making an Auto panel larger which is giving more room to a Vertical panel, but Vertical panels do not let their contents stretch vertically, they just get larger themselves.

Ok, I need to stretch ON, OFF vertically. How I can do that?

Perhaps use a table with 3 rows that are all spot panels that stretch:

I edited that sample so please reload it.

Fine, and Can I resize only horizontally?

wait what, I thought you wanted to stretch both ways!

Here’s an example of a resize adornment template that only lets you resize horizontally:

Otherwise, set the stretch values to .Horizontal instead of .Fill

Perfect! Thankyou!

Another problem,
Initially the Node has no ON,OFF paneles. This panels are acopled into the node, when are dragged from the palette.
The problem is that the Node doesn’t grow in height automatically.
What I need is dinamically reset the height of the Node.
It does’nt work:

You cannot set the height of the Node, you have to set the height of the resize object. We set that to the panel named TABLE:

resizeObjectName: "TABLE",

You could write:

node.resizeObject.height += 40;

It might be wiser to just reset the height to NaN so that it finds a height automatically:

node.resizeObject.height = NaN;

Think carefully about the behavior you want, though.

Fine! thanks,
I’m trying to bind the height property like this:

    new go.Binding("height", "", function(data){
    	 if (data.on &&{
             return 100;
        return 50;

This is OK?

Yes, that should be OK to do.