How to make PowerPoint like arrow in gojs?

I’d like to rotate arrow just like in PowerPoint.
Current gojs rotation tool looks ugly for arrow.
Can you please help on that?

Adapt some of the code in this sample:
As always, the complete source code is in the page itself.
Here, can you please let me know we can make resize anchor (blue rectangle) bigger?
It seems it’s too small so I’d like to make it bigger.

Look in the LineReshapingTool’s constructor.
See where it sets the desiredSize of the Shape?
Change the Size to suit your preferences.

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Hey, how can I connect the arrow to another node?
So I want this arrow works like a link so I can drag the end of the arrow and attach it to another node then, the arrow will be connected to that.

Oh, that’s quite different. Note that the tools in that LineDrawingToolWithArrowheads sample operate on Nodes matching the Node template named “Line”.

You’d have to change all of the tools and the templates so that it was a Link template instead of a Node template. Instead of defining a new LineReshapingTool you would customize the RelinkingTool to behave the way that you want. It would probably be a lot less code than what is in that sample.

Then could you provide some demo or code please for this one-arrow-head link?

I can work on it when I have some free time, but it will take a while. I cannot promise anything.

Try this completely different kind of implementation: Draggable Big Arrow Links