How to prevent link selection via edges

Hello everyone.
I was wondering if it’s possible to prevent selection of a link by pressing on its edges. I would like to have the link selected only if it’s clicked in the middle, and not the parts closest to the connecting ports… Is it possible?
Thank you in advance…

Sure, you can customize that easily by overriding GoLink.ContainsPoint. GoLink inherits from GoStroke, so you can just use the GetSegmentNearPoint method:
public override bool ContainsPoint(PointF p) {
int idx = GetSegmentNearPoint§;
return (idx > 0 && idx < this.PointsCount-1);
will only return true when the point is near the path, but not near either the first or the last segment. Hmmm, this test doesn’t work for the last segment if the style is Bezier–you’ll need to fiddle with this code if that is the case for you.

Thank you very much, Walter for the tip :) It seems to do the trick just fine