How to put all nodes into a circle area?

Is it possible to put all nodes into a circle area of the view by GoLayoutForceDirected (or somethis else) .

It sounds like GoLayoutForceDirected would be the best of the layouts we offer in GoDiagram, but it isn’t going to give you circles. GoJS has CircularLayout, but we haven’t gone back to add that to GoDiagram.

Thanks for reply.
I know that there isn’t CircularLayout in GoDiagram, but may I put all nodes into a square area with GoDiagram?

oh… you want to constrain the layout to the view area? There really isn’t a way to predict how much space any given layout is going to take. What some apps do is simply do a zoom to fit after the layout is done.

which in GoDiagram is RescaleToFit()