How to redraw a node/part

When my Node Data changes , how do i force it to reDraw.

Due to lot of values change in my node data on a transaction, I need to calculate few things and show some special icons after the node data is saved.

Once node data is saved, I woud like to force a redraw of that particular node associated with that data.

If you are using data-binding and if your data property setters call RaisePropertyChanged, the Node should be updated automatically.

If that isn’t the case, I suppose you could try calling Remeasure() on the Node.

Remeasure(), is not working. It is not causing to evaluate the bindings.

So your data properties are not calling RaisePropertyChanged?

You can programmatically re-evaluate each of the data-bindings that you care about.

Or you can do the easier thing of calling Diagram.PartManager.RemoveNodeForData and then calling AddNodeForData. That will remove the Node and then re-create it.