How to refresh the entire model

is there any way we can refresh the entire model

like we can put icons in different place in desktop and we can refresh to align them properly is there any way to do that

If you just want to force a re-layout all of the nodes, you can call Diagram.LayoutDiagram().

If you want to discard all of the Nodes and Links, and re-create them from the model data, you can call Diagram.PartManager.RebuildNodeElements().

Finally you can create a new model and set Diagram.Model. Or just discard the whole Diagram control and create a new one from scratch.

how to refresh single node…

if i got node like Entity relationship i may add items any point of time so that it will increase the Datagrid or listbox inside the template size which may cause overlapping of how can i refresh a single node or how can i handle this situtation

First, updating the contents of the Node does not involve anything specific to GoXam – it’s just XAML and data-binding and maybe some code-behind.

Second, if you want to do another layout when any node changes size, you can add NodeSizeChanged to the layout conditions:

<go:Diagram ...> <go:Diagram.Layout> <go:...Layout Conditions="Standard NodeSizeChanged" ... /> </go:Diagram.Layout> </go:Diagram>
In Silverlight you need to use the ConditionFlags attribute instead of the Conditions attribute.

so i got overlapping nodes and if i call Diagram.LayoutDiagram() all the nodes will be arrange or render properly …right ?

If you want to do it explicitly, programmatically, yes, you can call Diagram.LayoutDiagram().