How to resize nodes in gropus

i want to resize nodes within group maxsize.
Suppose my group1 has 100px width and there are 3 nodes inside the group1. each node width is 30px, 30px,40px=100px (group1 maxsize).
If i am resizing 3rd node width upto 60px then other 2 nodes should automatically resized like 20px, 20px that means= 60px+20px+20px=100px (group1 maxsize).

Here is the example

Please suggest me,
how i can achieve it.

You’ll need to override ResizingTool.resize to first call the base method and then (if the Node being resized is a member of a Group) also resize the other member nodes according to whatever policies you would like. Normally the Group.layout would then reposition the member nodes the way that you want, but if you have set that to null, then you will need to move them yourself.

There is an example of overriding ResizingTool.resize in the SwimLanes sample, although for a completely different purpose, operating on Groups instead of member Nodes.

Kindly give the example if possible.

I did already point out the example override of ResizingTool.resize.

If you run into any problems, show us your code, tell/show us what it’s doing, and tell/show us what you want it to do instead.