How to resize the length of LineH using adorner?

The code looks as following:

var hLineTemplate =
    $(go.Node, "Horizontal", nodeStyle1(),
    $(go.Shape, "LineH",
        { fill: black, width: 50 })

function nodeStyle1() {
    return [new go.Binding("location", "loc", go.Point.parse).makeTwoWay(go.Point.stringify),
            new go.Binding("isShadowed", "isSelected").ofObject(),
                selectionAdorned: true,
                shadowOffset: new go.Point(0, 0),
                shadowBlur: 15,
                shadowColor: "blue",
                resizable: true,

It looks as following:

And the additional question - how to increase the width of LineH?

I’ve found the answer on second question.

Set the resizeObjectName.

Also, if you don’t want the standard 8 resize handles, you can specify a custom Part.resizeAdornmentTemplate. GoJS Tools -- Northwoods Software