How to respond to docScale changes


In my application I wish to display the current DocScale as a zoom %. This is handled by a nice combo which when the selection changes, nicely affects the appropriate goView, goOverviews.

This all works very nicely, however, the problem I have is that users can change the zoom dynamically by pressing ctrl and using the scroll wheel or selecting an area in the overview. This is nice, but I can’t seem to find an event so that I can update my combo box appropriately with docScale changes.

Many thanks if you can help.

Implement a GoView.PropertyChanged event handler. Look for the case when PropertyChangedEventArgs.PropertyName is “DocScale”.
There is an example of this in the sample applications, such as in ProtoApp, where it keeps the status bar up-to-date with the scale %.

Thank you very much that did the trick, cheers