How to restrict drawing a link from a branching node

I want to restrict drawing outgoing link from a branching node, its not like restricting the number of outgoing link to 0, It should not show the link when i try to draw an outgoing link.
I tried using fromLinkable to false, but in that case when we try to draw a link from branching node its allowing to draw a link but the arrow head is toward the branching node, i dont want that behavior also. It should completely restrict drawing link from a branching node.

You could also set or bind toLinkable to false on that port.

Or you could set LinkingTool.direction LinkingTool | GoJS API to LinkingTool | GoJS API

Or you could implement a custom linkValidation predicate.

binding toLinkable to false will make drawing an incoming link to the branching node disabled. Drawing a link from a another node to branching node should be enabled.
Also not sure which property i should use to restrict drawing the link from a branching node.
We have custom linkValidation to restrict the no of outgoing or incoming link, but with that we can still try to draw the link, its just that it wont connect to another node.
but in my case trying to draw a link itself get disabled, if we try to draw an outgoing link nothing should happen.

Did you try suggestion #2? LinkingTool.direction

I just tried as shown in the below screenshot but with this changes i am not able to draw any link from any node.
with this changes it should restrict drawing only backward direction links right?
Am i missing anything with the changes?

I think may be its because all the ports have true value for fromLinkable and toLinkable

is there anything which we can set to a node to disable this?,
not to set on the ‘link’ property, as link is used in all other nodes.

The documentation for LinkingTool | GoJS API states that the value must be one of the enumerated values such as LinkingTool | GoJS API, i.e. go.LinkingTool.ForwardsOnly.

I think it is working now, i combined setting fromlinkable to false and direction to go.LinkingTool.ForwardsOnly for branching node.

Thank you very much for the quick response