How to save GoImage Node?

Hi Walter,
Now I’m making image node with filepath in run time.
After loading in bmp file to GoImage, it’s displayed sucessfully.
I’d like to save as svg document and open it, but the image is empty
after open this file and the result is same with resource manager and imagelist.

I tried to load a bmp file as below.

* Open
Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap( StrFilePath ) ;
GoImage img = new GoImage();
img.Selectable = true;
img.AutoRescales = true;
img.Resizable = true;
img.Image = (System.Drawing.Image)bmp;
img.Size = new SizeF(200, 200);

* Save
this.Doc.Store(file, loc);

First, why are you creating a Bitmap and then assigning GoImage.Image? Are you not able to refer to that file path later?
I think the following code would do the same as what your code does:
GoImage img = new GoImage();
img.Name = StrFilePath;
img.Size = new SizeF(200, 200);
However, by setting the GoImage.Name, you are giving it a path that allows it to reload the image later, for example when it has been deserialized.
Second, what does the following statement do in your application?
this.Doc.Store(file, loc);
Are you actually rendering it as an SVG file? Or are you using your own XML format?
If you are generating SVG, that will include the image data.
If you are writing XML according to your own schema, you control whether or not you are writing any image data, and thus what should happen when you read that XML. Normally, though, one would save the GoImage.Name or GoImage.Index properties, depending on whether you are using ResourceManager-or-file-system or ImageList as the source of your images.

I misundersood GoImage properties…
Thanks a lot