How to select overlapped object?


How can I select overlapping GoObjects, if overlapped object is not displayed on top due to another object on it?
Is it possible that on each right click it would display each overlapped object on that point & so on?

GoDocument.PickObjects can give you a collection of objects under a Point.

Hi Jake,

The actual requirement is that if two objects are overlapped & the second overlapped object is not visible due to small size on view, but I want to see the properties of that overlapped object.
So on every right mouse click, it would continue showing visible each overlapped objects accordingly. It means that on every click, each overlapped object should appear on top & on next click, the othert one, & so on.
So how can I do this?
How would I know that there are some more overlapped objects behind selected object?
Can you provide me some sample code?

DrawDemo has a sample of “Bring object to Top”.

PickObjects will return the list of objects in the order of the stack. If you want to know if the object on top completely obscures the object underneath, you’ll have to compare bounding rectangles.