How to set an image

How can i set an image for the items in Planogrammer sample?

i tried like belw:

i1.Icon.NameIsUri = Truei1.Icon.Name = “ImageURL”

but the image didn’t appear !

NameIsUri is a boolean. I’m not sure why you didn’t get a compile error on that code.

From BeatPaths sample:

    n = new GoIconicNode();
    n.Initialize(null, "", name);
    n.Image.NameIsUri = true;
    n.Image.Name = "" + name + "_logo-50x50.png";

Hey Jake,
Thanks for answer.
But I want to display the image using “GoImage” class not “GoIconicNode”

can you help me?


GoIconicNode uses a GoImage, so it’s basically the same:

  GoImage img = new GoImage();
  img.Name = @"";
  img.NameIsUri = true;

Can I use an image on my hard drive ?

now it’s working :)

I set a size for the image.

thank you jake.