How to set circle center for LinkPanel.ToArrow="Circle"


Currently I am using goxam. I have added LinkPanel.

When I use LinkPanel.ToArrow=“Circle” Below is output


But I need to adjust circle center as below.


 <DataTemplate x:Key="Link">
	<go:LinkPanel go:Part.SelectionAdorned="True"
			<routes:RouteLink />
		<go:LinkShape Stroke="Transparent" 
					  StrokeThickness="2" />
		<go:LinkShape x:Name="Path" 					
					  StrokeThickness="3" />
		<go:LinkShape  StrokeThickness="2" />
		<Path x:Name="Top"  go:LinkPanel.ToArrow="Circle"  />
		<Path x:Name="Bottom"  go:LinkPanel.FromArrow="Circle"  />

Try setting the attached property LinkPanel.Offset on each of your arrowheads.

<Path x:Name="Top"  go:LinkPanel.ToArrow="Circle"
      go:LinkPanel.Offset="5 0" />
<Path x:Name="Bottom"  go:LinkPanel.FromArrow="Circle"
      go:LinkPanel.Offset="-5 0"  />

I’m not sure what offset to use, so you will need to adjust the 5 distance to suit your needs.

When i set offset it shows like as below.


Ah, so use 4 instead of 5.

Why are you not showing any Nodes?

Thanks walter. It’s working.