How to set nodespacing in timeline diagram

I am new to gojs and i am working on gojs timeline sample which is by default functionality based on dates.I have added more number of nodes to existing nodes due to that they are overlapping each other. then how to set nodespacing in this layout.

I have tried but it is customlayout

Look in the source for this part of the code. You can change the lineSpacing value.

// Setup the model data -- an object describing the timeline bar node
// and an object for each event node:
var data = [
  { // this defines the actual time "Line" bar
    key: 0, category: "Line",
    length: 500,  // length of bar
    lineSpacing: 30,  // distance between bar and event nodes
    start: new Date("1 Dec 2013"),
    end: new Date("1 Apr 2014")

i need nodeSpacing not linespacing. as per my knowledge line spacing is to increase spacing between node and bar.
my request is nodes must not overlap each other so nodespacing has to used but i am getting confused where to implement.

If you resize the Grid panel named “BAR” you will increase the spacing between nodes. It begins with a default width of MINGRIDWIDTH in the same and can be resized by pulling on it. So you could simply increase MINGRIDWIDTH in the sample to space out the nodes more.

Otherwise, the nodes can only be as space apart as their corresponding dates allow. Unless you’re thinking of something else?

thanks for reply i have lot of nodes nearly 100 and in future it may increase also so increasing of grid will not a proper idea.