How to set position of gojs node fixed if they are grouped?

Sir is this possible that if i made some nodes in group then if i select particular node. Then particular node location moves with whole group not individual. Like group is moving together.Is that possible then how to make that?

Could you be more specific about the situation that you are describing? Perhaps a sequence if small screenshots would help demonstrate what you want.

It is the case that if the user moves a Group, or if the programmer calls Group.move, that all of the group’s member nodes and links will move along with the group. But adding the second node to the group is too obvious a solution, so there must be some additional requirements that you have.

My guess is that if you want multiple nodes to be moved together, you want to override DraggingTool.computeEffectiveCollection. That has nothing to do with groups. Search for examples.

Suppose this is a group.

If i select drag this group The all nodes in group will move together.

But if i select in a node inside this group and move it from its location then that particular node moves but not group like this.

So i wanted to know that it there any way to fix all nodes location fixed once they group. so that if i move single node then whole group moves together. how can i do that?

That’s odd – the links/pipes are not connected to the node. Well, I suppose that is reason you are wanting to move the group when a member node is dragged.

The easiest solution is to make those nodes not selectable.

But if you still want those nodes to be selectable, then you need to customize the DraggingTool.computeEffectiveCollection to add the Node.containingGroup to the collection of Parts being dragged. The group need not be selected.