How to set start transaction commit time in Gojs

I need to do commit the some time delay on my diagram.model.json , for undo and redo purpose.while changing the model are dropped to the object in the diagram area without time delay my diagram.model.json data will insert into the database so i cannot do that undo and redo functionality with in you tell me how to do that certain time delay on GOJS.Thanks.

Transactions in GoJS, just as when dealing with databases, should be short. You should not start a transaction without finishing it (commit or rollback) before another action might occur. (However, transactions may be nested, which makes possible composing functionality programmatically.)

Can you describe more precisely what situation you are trying to handle with an arbitrarily-long delay before a commit happens. How are you going to prevent the user from performing another action? And is that really the kind of interface you want them to have?

when i drop and drag the Object in the canvas ,i cannot do that redo undo operation because before doing redo and undo operation my Database will update so i cannot do undo operation.

I’m sorry, but I am not understanding the situation that you have. Could you please refer to the actual events and classes and methods and properties that you are trying to use?

I am taking reference for this link Regrouping Demo in gojs. while adding to the left side Object to the group its storing the database,with in seconds then i cannot do that group undo and redo operation because database updated then how can i get the undo function.and redo function.

Have you read GoJS Changed Events -- Northwoods Software ?

Basically, implement a Model Changed listener that looks for ChangedEvent.isTransactionFinished. That includes undo and redo operations, not just regular committed transactions. Then send what you want to the server.

Thank you Walter…