How to show a particular region in anothe


I have a master view showing some diagram.

If I want to show only a portion of it in another view

say a rectangular region from (0,0) to (300,300)

in another view how can I do that.

I am trying a Frozen Header and scrollable portion

inside a iframe kind of solution for a need.


Just create another GoView and set its GoView.Document property to be the same document as the first view’s. Each view can be scrolled and scaled independently.
As with any other initialization, you should do it in a GoView.SessionStarted event handler.

Also I could not set the width and height of a view

run time. Is that correct.

MyView.Width=600 is not working.

The width is always set to be what is mentioned in the

ASPX file.

Is that so.

I believe it’s true that specifying a width attribute will provide the initial value for the control. But you should be able to set the WebControl.Width and .Height in an event handler.
You can also do so from JavaScript on the client, for example: