How to show magnified picture while hover over node's small one

Hi, I have a tree with nodes. Some of them have a small picture that I want to show magnified if user hover with mouse over the small picture.
It works but I can show only first picture magnified by hover.
How I get hover to show for every node’s picture exact the picture hovered actually.
I tried to write the node name into a hidden input and use it to get node’s name to access the appropriate picture but it friezes with picture of first hovered node.
How I can get it to show for every hovered node the picture belonging to the node?
Below an idea how it’s done now - it’s a modified code from some example.
Please help.

Within the node definition I have:

    mouseHover: function(e, obj) {
        var node = obj.part;
        nodeHoverAdornment.adornedObject = node;
        node.addAdornment("mouseHover", nodeHoverAdornment);

and the definition of nodeHoverAdornment looks like below:

   var nodeHoverAdornment =
      $(go.Adornment, "Spot",
          background: "transparent",
          mouseLeave: function(e, obj) {
            var ad = obj.part;
            background: "transparent",  // to allow this Placeholder to be "seen" by mouse events
            isActionable: true,  // needed because this is in a temporary Layer
            click: function(e, obj) {
              var node = obj.part.adornedPart;
        $(go.Picture, { desiredSize: new go.Size(150, 150), 
                        margin: 2,
                        source: 'http://.../' + getPicture(jQuery("[name='matNoHover']").val())) })

Is there a reason you aren’t using tooltips? For example, look at the sample:

That also uses data binding to automatically get the right image for the Picture that is in the Adornment.