How to show vertical/horizontal scrollbar when contents do not fit vertically/horizontally

I have to add scroll bar in Group. Group have fixed height and width. When number of group members increases then scroll bar should shown. If group member are not crossing height and width of group then scroll bar should not shown.

If I am understanding you correctly, you want to scroll the contents of a Group. This is not functionality that GoJS provides.

It is possible to implement your own scrollbars. Scrolling Table. But finishing that work will not be easy until you become very familiar with GoJS.

Then you could embed one or two of them in a Group. You then need to implement your own scrolling behavior by moving the member Parts up and down. The hard part is to clip Parts that are partly outside of the Group’s area. Member Parts that are completely outside the area you can just make invisible. This will be hard for you to implement even if you are very familiar with GoJS.

Hi @walter

You told that[quote=“walter, post:2, topic:8118”]
Member Parts that are completely outside the area you can just make invisible.

if outside member parts has link with another group then what? link will be still visible or not? can we customize link property also as group member parts

Normally, making a Node not visible causes Links connecting with the Node to also become not visible.

However, making a member Node of a Group not visible will cause any Links connecting with that Node and with Nodes external to the Group to remain visible and to appear to connect with the Group. Links that connect with other member nodes will disappear, as normal.

You can observe this by visiting Basic GoJS Sample, selecting the “Gamma” node, opening up a console window, and evaluating myDiagram.selection.first().visible = false.