How to speed up dragging?

Is there any way to make dragging the selection of objects faster?
In “demo” sample application if i select 15 objects i have no “realtime” dragging, the selection width 10 objects is dragged smoothly. I have pretty fast machine and it look little dissapoining. May be a have to disable some diagram features or set dome flags or something?

Could you describe your machine? My development machines are 1.4 Ghz or slower with 512 MB or less, running Windows 2000, and I don’t see any problems selecting a lot of objects and dragging them around in Demo1.
You can try various settings on GoView (many of these you can set interactively in Demo1 from the properties window after selecting the View in the pull-down list):
DragsRealtime – whether to drag the real objects interactively, or to just drag around an image of the selection
SmoothingMode – control anti-aliasing et al of lines
InterpolationMode – control the image-drawing quality
TextRenderingHint – control the text-drawing quality
BorderStyle – for reasons only known to Microsoft, drawing 3D borders (ControlPaint.Draw3DBorder) is extremely slow on my systems. We optimized this when we could, but if you have a lot of objects that you are dragging around, it is likely that they will intersect the border, which (partly due to other GDI+ bugs) will force us to redraw the border. Try setting this to BorderStyle.None or BorderStyle.FixedSingle.
Also, if you don’t need to support undo/redo, not having a GoDocument.UndoManager will speed things up too.

Anyway, changing the BorderStyle might be the biggest, simplest change that does not affect behavior.

My machine runs Windows 2000 5.00.2195 SP4, 2.4 GHz, 1Gb
OOO i saw the problem with border! it runs wery slovly on my machine when object intersects border even if i dragging one node. But even without this it runs slow on several objects. I noticed also that when DragsRealtime is false the images of nodes are dragged fast. Changing other settings has no valuable effect.
Well, it seems like the problem occurs only on my machine, it works good on the others. I’ll try to figure out the problem and post the results.