How to switch grid on/off?

Ho can i switch on/off : myDiagram.grid property.
I wish to add menu with option show grid cell / hide grid cell

Just set its visible property to true or false.

Oh, also you might want to set DraggingTool.isGridSnapEnabled to true or false:

myDiagram.toolManager.draggingTool.isGridSnapEnabled = ...

First of all i need to say that your tech support excellent . We are using your GoXam product and now testing your GoJs.

But your GoJS documentation API and Connection API to Examples very terrible. You have created such a brilliant product , but in order to do something custom you need to ask question from support or search your forum.

Our company has experience with many third party products like : Telerik,DevExpress and etc and you can see usability and high level of the user experience using documentation and forum support search engine.