How to update node location with multiple nodes

Hi Team GoJS, When adding a SVG node to the canvas from a palette, the location of all the SVGs reset to the original position. How do i maintain the last position for the SVG and line connections, so they don’t reset when a new SVG node is added?


I’m unsure what your situation is and what is happening that you don’t want.

Do you have a Diagram.layout? If so, you probably don’t want to have the layout run whenever a node or a link is added or removed. Please read What you should do depends on when you want layouts to be performed.

Hi Walter, This will help explain the situation better, everytime i add a SVG node to the canvas, the location of all the SVGs reset to their original position:

Is there a better way i can share this GIF with you?

2020-03-16_13-30-31 (1)

Just send it to us via email, at GoJS at our domain,